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You must read the QuizYourFriends.com Privacy Policy, Web Site Rules (this document), and Terms of Service prior to using any portion of the QuizYourFriends.com service. These documents are subject to change without notice. Please read them before each use of the QuizYourFriends.com service. THESE AGREEMENTS CONTAIN PROVISIONS THAT LIMIT OUR LIABILITY TO YOU. PLEASE READ THESE AGREEMENTS IN THEIR ENTIRETY. If you do not agree to the QuizYourFriends.com Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Web Site Rules, you may not use any portion of the QuizYourFriends.com service.

Web Site Rules

By using any portion of the QuizYourFriends.com service, you agree to:
  1. Be of legal age according to your local authority for the usage of the QuizYourFriends.com service, or have legal guardian's permission.
  2. Use your real name and e-mail address.
  3. Send a quiz ONLY to friends from whom you have received prior permission to do so.
  4. Have your quiz and quiz scoreboard expire and be deleted after 90 days or as deemed necessary by QuizYourFriends.com.
  5. Send quiz content that will NOT fall under the following categories, including but not limited to:
    1. Commercial or copyrighted
    2. Unlawful or libelous
    3. Charity requests, petitions for signatures, chain letters or letters relating to pyramid schemes
    4. Private or personal matters concerning any person
    5. Harassing, defamatory, indecent, lewd, abusive, or otherwise objectionable
    6. Destructive, disruptive, virus related or otherwise damaging
    7. Content that would constitute or encourage a criminal offense, violate rights of any party, or that would create liability
    8. Any content deemed inappropriate by QuizYourFriends.com in its sole discretion
  6. Receive e-mails from the QuizYourFriends.com service including but not limited to a link to your and your friend's quiz and quiz scoreboard, your friends' quiz scores, your quiz scores, and third-party content.
  7. Refrain from sending a quiz to e-mail addresses with .gov extensions.
  8. Refrain from associating any financial exchanges with your quiz or any portion of the QuizYourFriends.com service.
  9. Hold the QuizYourFriends.com service free from liability associated with your use of the QuizYourFriends.com service.

Additionally please note that it will NOT be possible for QuizYourFriends.com or any other party to:
  1. Prevent any user from creating a quiz.
  2. Prevent any quiz recipients from being sent, receiving, viewing, or taking a quiz.
  3. Prevent a quiz from being viewed or taken by an unintended recipient.
  4. Change, edit, or in any other way modify quiz content, friends' scores, or scoreboard entries.
  5. Recreate, save, or in any other way repair a broken, lost, or missing quiz.
  6. Delete a quiz prior to the 90-day expiration date.
  7. Recover a quiz that has been deleted.
  8. Ensure access including but not limited to the QuizYourFriends.com Web site, server, or any quiz related data.
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